Music Festival Hair Trends @ BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar! 

  • By Avi
  • 14 Apr, 2017

Going to Coachella? See what the BLO/OUT team put together for hair and makeup!

Festival season is upon us and not only is everyone excited about the line-up, but fashion & accessories as well. Here are a few styles that you’ll definitely want to try!

Hair: Katie Kadelak
Make-up: Jessica Mussie
Models: Eleni Edwards & Sarah Herra

First Style : Space Buns w. glitter part

Keeping you cool as you dance to your favorite DJ these space buns are the perfect style. Adding a glitter to your part really gives this easy style, an exciting festival feeling.

Products : texture spray, hair spray, gel, glitter

Second Style : Braids w. texture & hair rings

Nothing says boho more than a braids & textured undone hair. Hair rings are a fantastic way to add an eye catching touch to your do.

Products: texture spray, hair spray, accessories

Third Style : Texture with silk scarf

By day 2-3 your unwashed festival hair can easily covered with some dry shampoo & silk scarf!

Products : Dry Shampoo, texture spray

Forth Style : Braids & color spray

Adding color spray to fishtail braids gives such a magical feeling to this festival look!

Products : texture spray, hair spray

See you there ✌
By Avi 14 Apr, 2017

Festival season is upon us and not only is everyone excited about the line-up, but fashion & accessories as well. Here are a few styles that you’ll definitely want to try!

Hair: Katie Kadelak
Make-up: Jessica Mussie
Models: Eleni Edwards & Sarah Herra

By Avi 21 Mar, 2017
The Vital Shot repairs, and rebuilds hair that has been weakened by chemical, thermal, and environmental stresses.

This one step treatment can be done with any blow dry, color, or lightening service with no extra processing time, and will leave hair strengthened from the inside out. Only an additional $25!

By Avi 02 Feb, 2017
Valentine's Day is next week and we're ready to get you looking and feeling your best! Check out some of our exclusive Valentine's Day looks and enter to win a FREE makeover for you and your bestie on V-Day by LASH BASH & BLO/OUT!

Makeover includes:
  • Lash Extensions by LASH BASH
  • Color Service by BLO/OUT Lead Colorist Khelsea F.
  • Makeup by BLO/OUT Lead Makeup Artist Gina D.
  • Signature BLO/OUT
To enter simply follow these steps:
  1. Open up Insta or Facebook
  2. Follow @BLOOUT & @LASHBASH
  3. Like our V-Day Contest Video
  4. Tag the bestie that deserves a makeover with you
  5. Comment why you two deserve this makeover more than anyone else!
Winner will be chosen on Saturday 2/11/17 and the makeover will take place on Tuesday 2/14/17 between 10am and 2pm so make sure you're available! 
By Avi 13 Jan, 2017
By Avi 14 Dec, 2016
At BLO/OUT we see hundreds of women every week. From college students to professionals, the most common question our guests ask when booking is "how long will my blow dry last"? and "how do I maintain my hair at home"? 

If you are anything like me, most times i just throw it up at night and hope my style stays in place for the next day. It very rarely works. If you want your style to stay as fresh as it was on day one there are some steps you need to take to ensure that. With maintenance, a blowout should last anywhere from 3-6 days depending on factors such as weather and the natural oils your scalp produces which is typically the number one killer for gorgeous tresses! In this post, I am going to take you through a full week's worth of maintenance tips with BLO/OUT stylist Jaiza and show you how she kept her locks as beautiful on day five as they were on day one!


Jaize decided to go for one of our signature styles "The Astoria" this style is super popular as it is full bodied with a bit of volume at the top and movement towards the ends. This look is perfect for everyone and gives you just enough glam for your work week!
By Avi 14 Nov, 2016
We love time-lapse videos and this one of our long time team member and manager Jennifer completing the Signature Astoria BLO/OUT on the beautiful  @makeupbyshruthi  is definitely a winner! 

Share your thoughts on the process and final look below!


The BLO/OUT Team
By Avi 03 Nov, 2016
BLO/OUT's Lead Educator Meghan K. goes through some of our most popular products and how they can help you overcome hair issues you deal with on the regular. 
By Avi 21 Oct, 2016
This past Wednesday Mix 106.1's Chio in The Morning remarried his ex wife Shawn and BLO/OUT was there to make sure the bride was perfectly styled! 

Love is in the air for Mix 106.1’s “Chio in the Morning.” In 2014, the veteran on-air personality divorced Shawn, his wife of 25 years. True love prevailed and the couple reunited this year. Chio and Shawn officially got remarried, and two lucky Mix 106.1 listeners brought their fiancés to participate in the ceremony, reception, and a special afternoon with Andy Grammer and Gavin Degraw. The blessed event took place October 19, 2016 live on Fox 29’s “Good Day Philadelphia” officiated by host Mike Jerrick. A Mix 106.1 panel selected the two couples among hundreds who uploaded Instagram videos about why they wanted to tie the knot or renew their vows with Chio.

BLO/OUT Blow Dry Bar was chosen as the exclusive provider of hair and makeup services for the event and we rocked it! Check out the video above and some of the pics below of the event and don't forget to book BLO/OUT's Event Team for your event and wedding beauty services!
By Avi 05 Oct, 2016
Recently, while working with a client she asked me "If you had to pick one product to use for the rest of your life what would it be?" I thought to myself "One product? Like forever? Forever ever?" There is absolutely no way that I could pick just one.

With so many amazing lines out there is it possible to have just one favorite? For me the answer is no! I am constantly hunting down the cult classics (like Ubran Decays Naked Palettes, what beauty lover didn't want these when they came out?) or products reviewed by other beauty bloggers to test out.

After some thinking, I finally narrowed my list down to ten products I absolutely could not live without! The products that I am about to review are my go to's for myself as well as my beautiful clients! They're all super versatile and I find work amazing for all skin types and tones. Let's get started...
By Avi 29 Sep, 2016
With fall in full effect its time to start prepping your hair for the changes that are about to happen! Rather than having to worry about humidity causing our hair to frizz the way it does in the summer months, lowered moisture in the air during winter causes our hair and scalp to become dry, damaged, and brittle! I spoke with the BLO/OUT pros and took their advice and recommendations.

Here's my review of the steps and products that will help you maintain healthy, moisturized hair and scalp all season long!
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